Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring

Course Description:

Focused on Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure technologies, this course covers Terminal Services, Web Services infrastructure and security, Media Server, Microsoft Windows(r) SharePoint(r) Services server options, File Server, Print Services, network maintenance, and Simple Network Management Protocol.

Course Outline:


·    Installing Active Directory Domain Services
·    Lesson 2: Active Directory Domain Services on Server Core


·    Working with Active Directory Snap-ins
·    Creating Objects in Active Directory
·    Delegation and Security of Active Directory Objects


·    Automating the Creation of User Accounts
·    Creating Users with Windows PowerShell and VBScript
·    Supporting User Objects and Accounts


·    Creating and Managing Groups
·    Automating the Creation and Management of Groups
·    Administering Groups in an Enterprise


·    Creating Computers and Joining the Domain
·    Automating the Creation of Computer Objects
·    Supporting Computer Objects and Accounts

Group Policy Infrastructure 

·    Implementing Group Policy
·    Managing Group Policy Scope
·    Supporting Group Policy

Group Policy Settings 

·    Delegating the Support of Computers
·    Managing Security Settings
·    Managing Software with Group Policy Software Installation
·    Auditing


·    Configuring Password and Lockout Policies
·    Auditing Authentication
·    Configuring Read-Only Domain Controllers

Integrating Domain Name System with AD DS 

·    DNS and IPv6
·    Lesson 1: Understanding and Installing Domain Name System
·    Lesson 2: Configuring and Using Domain Name System

Domain Controllers 

·    Installing Domain Controllers
·    Configuring Operations Masters
·    Configuring DFS Replication of SYSVOL

Sites and Replication 

·    Configuring Sites and Subnets
·    Configuring the Global Catalog and Application Directory Partitions
·    Configuring Replication

Domains and Forests 

·    Understanding Domain and Forest Functional Levels
·    Managing Multiple Domains and Trust Relationships

Directory Business Continuity 

·    Proactive Directory Maintenance and Data Store Protection
·    Proactive Directory Performance Management

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services 

·    Understanding and Installing AD LDS
·    Configuring and Using AD LDS

Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Infrastructures 

·    Understanding and Installing Active Directory Certificate Services
·    Configuring and Using Active Directory Certificate Services

Active Directory Rights Management Services 

·    Understanding and Installing Active Directory Rights Management Services
·    Configuring and Using Active Directory Rights Management Services

Active Directory Federation Services 

·    The Purpose of a Firewall
·    Active Directory Federation Services
·    Lesson 1: Understanding Active Directory Federation Services
·    Lesson 2: Configuring and Using Active Directory Federation Services