Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure

Course Description:

Focused Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure technologies, this course covers Terminal Services, Web Services infrastructure and security, Media Server, Microsoft Windows(r) SharePoint(r) Services server options, File Server, Print Services, network maintenance, and Simple Network Management Protocol.

Course Outline:

Implementing and Configuring a Windows Deployment Infrastructure

  •     Deploying Windows in a Windows Server 2008 Environment

  •     Configuring Windows Deployment Services

  •     Deploying Virtual Machines

  •     Implementing a Windows Activation Infrastructure

Configuring Server Storage and Clusters

  •     Configuring Server Storage 

  •     Configuring Server Clusters

Installing and Configuring Terminal Services

  •     Deploying a Terminal Server 

  •     Configuring Terminal Services

Configuring and Managing a Terminal Services Infrastructure

  •     Configuring and Managing Terminal Services Clients 

  •     Deploying Terminal Services Gateway 

  •     Publishing Applications with TS RemoteApp

Installing and Configuring Web Applications

  •     Installing the Web Server (IIS) Role 

  •     Configuring Internet Information Services

Managing Web Server Security

  •     Configuring IIS Security 

  •     Controlling Access to Web Services

Configuring FTP and SMTP Services

  •     Configuring FTP 

  •     Configuring SMTP

Configuring Windows Media Services

  •     Configuring Windows Media Services

Configuring Windows SharePoint Services

  •     Configuring and Managing Windows SharePoint Services