Windows Server 2008 Server Administration

Course Description: 

Focused on Windows Server 2008 administration, this course covers planning server roles; maintaining server security; planning data storage, network load balancing, and server backups; managing software deployment and versioning; monitoring IPv6, server performance and capacity, and Active Directory(r) replication; scheduling server deployments; and designing a rollback contingency plan.

Course Outline:

  • Installing, Upgrading, and Deploying Windows Server 2008

         Planning Windows Server 2008 Installation and Upgrade

         Automated Server Deployment

  • Configuring Network Connectivity

         Using IPv6 in Windows Server 2008

         Configuring DNS

  • Active Directory and Group Policy

         Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

         Group Policy in Windows Server 2008

  • Application Servers and Services

Application Servers

Application Deployment

  • Terminal Services and Application and Server Virtualization

Terminal Services

Server and Application Virtualization

  • File and Print Servers

         Managing File and Print Servers

         Provisioning Data

  • Windows Server 2008 Management, Monitoring, and Delegation

      Server Management Strategies

     Monitoring and Optimizing Performance

Delegating Authority

  • Patch Management and Security

Windows Server 2008 Patch Management Strategies

Monitor and Maintain Server Security

  • Remote Access and Network Access Protection

Managing Remote Access

Network Access Protection

  • Certificate Services and Storage Area Networks

Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services

          Planning the Deployment of Storage Area Networks

  • Clustering and High Availability

     Understanding DNS Round Robin and Load Balancing

               Windows Server 2008 Cluster Tools

     Practice: Validating a Node

  • Backup and Recovery

Backing Up Data

Disaster Recovery